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The 1995 BMW E31 850Ci

1995 BMW E31 850Ci 

BMW 850Ci

A couple months back we had the rare opportunity of purchasing a M5 with a blown engine. When I went to look at the M5 I saw this car right next to it and it caught my eye. Fast forward a couple weeks and now he brought this car to us since he saw that we know what we are doing with the M5 Rebuild we did.

The owner brought us this car to us in hopes of us repairing it so he could sell it afterwards but after checking it out it’s going to need cosmetic front end work. Its either going to need transmission service. It will need a new engine since 3 years ago it overheated so Bank 2 lightly blows moisture but then goes away once its heats up. Repair totaling in $2500 for mechanical defects only so he decided to sell the car complete as it is.

It’s a running, driving, car. Tags are current.

Customer wants $4,800

SOLD FOR $3,900