Our Story

320isphoto.jpgTomas B. – owner / repair technician 

My passion for BMW’s began at 13, when dad brought home a discolored green, beat-up 1981 320i. In his opinion, BMW’s were the best because the Germans built them. When he said, ” This will be your car if you can fix it.” I began to dream about the way it would look & drive by the time we were finished.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know how expensive or frustrating it would be to fix, maintain, or upgrade this beast into a beauty. The Internet was barely booming and there were no meet ups, forums, dealerships nearby, and especially no trustworthy specialized repair shops. We did our best within our knowledge and budget to barely get it running once I started driving. And after building a love hate relationship; I decided to sell it instead.  A part of me died inside when I saw it leave. No other vehicle could compare even with the all the problems we faced.
You would think that my love for BMW’s would have ended abruptly, but I kept hoping that one day I would be able to afford the privilege of owning another one. As a poor college student, I somehow managed to save enough money to start my search. The internet had rapidly evolved making it easier to spot a good deal. With my father-in-law’s mechanical expertise I took on a new project. My new-found love sparked my passion for BMW’s once again. Still, with a limited budget I was forced to find unique ways to get around the expensive parts & repairs the dealership offered. With unlimited amounts of information available online, all I had to do was dig through the mess to educate myself.
There was still one huge problem that I couldn’t get around. No matter where I looked, I couldn’t find parts for reasonable prices. And when I did find my part I wasn’t quite sure if it would fit. Luckily, I’d taught myself enough information to do my own repairs so all I needed was find reliable part sources. When I finally did, I couldn’t believe it. Not only did I find tons of parts for myself, but I thought others might be looking for what I didn’t need. So in September of 2007 while I was still in college I opened up an eBay store. Other BMW owners all around the world now had access to parts like: switches modules seats radios amplifiers speakers and many other used bmw parts that nearby auto recyclers would’ve trashed otherwise.
Instead of looking for jobs after college, my wife and I knew we had something special. We knew we had the capacity, tenacity, and honesty the BMW community was looking for. They didn’t need another place to sell them parts. They needed, and still need a place where a real person will take time to answer their questions. Listening to my customers has and continues to help me understand what parts you’re looking for & your BMW’s common problems. In fact, many of our current customers, specialized BMW repair shops ( including BMW of Riverside ) , vehicle wholesalers , and used dealerships have me on speed dial or send their customers our way.
This is how BavTek Inc began. We began as one passionate individual pursuing parts for my collection of BMW’s, into a family run business who shares the same beliefs I do. As we continue to grow, our mission still remains the same. You are no longer alone in your attempts to restore your prized possession. By doing this, we hope to keep your love for BMW alive whether you’re the DIY (Do-it-yourself) type or a shop specializing in the ultimate driving machine.
“We believe that everyone should have the same privilege we do; to experience the BMW the way it was originally designed by equipping you with the confidence & solutions you need to tackle it yourself.”

DeeDee B. – wife /  office manager / marketing  



All I knew about BMW’s is that Tomas loved them & knew how to work on them. And because of that my dad felt comfortable buying me my first convertible. To me, the reliability of the BMW was the most important factor. I had just started college and needed a vehicle I could count on. As a full time student and waitress, I have always been driven by goals and childhood dreams of owning my own business.

However, I was pursuing a degree in Biology instead. Looking back, It didn’t make sense because I had grown up in a world of sales. The highlight of my day was when the UPS truck would drop of our new orders. When Tomas started his business, I had an epiphany. To us, eBay had only been a great place to buy, not sell. Being a seller was a completely different perspective. Getting excited over the possibilities made me realize I had been pursuing the wrong major.

So, I switched. But even though I had textbook skills, I knew I had no real world experience or car knowledge. Something needed to happen for that to change. Luckily, my professor in entreprenuership had given us a unique assignment to interview a business owner. Since I wanted to learn more about the Automotive Recycling industry I chose one of Tomas’s current vendors. We got a long so well she offered me a position to work there. Gladly, I accepted.

For most people, I’d imagine it would be extremely intimidating to step into a world of car parts, surrounded by ex-cons and greasy parts. But I was thrilled to be there. I had the opportunity to learn. After graduating in 2009 with my Bachelors in Business from University of California, Riverside I was hired on full-time, while Tomas continued to run his eBay business from home. But after a couple of years, Tomas and I decided it would be best if we focused on our business full-time.

I’m so glad that we did. I can also proudly say that my dreams have come true and we are blessed to be able to do what we love daily. All thanks to you, our customers.

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