Super service with a helpful attitude. Lots of knowledge and willing to share:)

Rasmus P,  Sacramento, CA

Excellent repair and service. After USPS lost my overnight box, Tomas personally went to find it. Thanks for such great service, you went above and beyond!

Natalie R,  Tampa, FL

Great to be able to find the volume knob repair instead of replacing the radio!

Melvin D. Chicago, IL

Excellent Job repairing gauge cluster and MID units with pixel damage. Will be coming here again soon!!!!

Tim C.  Riverside, CA

I sent my 97 328is bmw OBC in for repair and it was repaired very fast and repaired well. I am excited and satisfied with the overall service as Tomas was super to work with. The part itself brand new could of costs me well over a thousand dollars and I saved a lot of money by having it repaired at a reasonable price. I highly recommend BavTek.

Tommy S.  San Pablo, CA

I found this place, German Auto Recycling serendipitously while browsing DIY videos on YouTube on how to repair a BMW door lock mechanism.  The other night I inserted my key into my door lock only to hear what sounded like I had just won a slot machine in Vegas, metal falling and flying everywhere, not good to hear being 3 hours away from Vegas! I attempted to figure out how to take care of this myself. I watched a YouTube video they had posted and was about to order the repair kit when up on the computer screen popped up a phone number in the 951 area code! Wow just down the street and to the left! I gave German Auto Recycling (now Bavtek)  a call and explained my dilemma to Tomas, who stated that although it was very unusual to have the entire lock mechanism come flying out all at once he was up for the challenge! Wow! Who does that anymore?  Tomas does; that is who! I asked when he was available and he said to come on down and he would squeeze me in! Wow! Who does that anymore? Tomas does; that is who! Tomas rebuilt the entire lock mechanism in about an hour. It now works better than it ever did! Great customer service and a more than fair price. Tomas repaired the lock mechanism my 2002 325i and it works perfectly.  Words cannot express my gratitude and complete satisfaction I had with his professionalism, knowledge, and efficiency. Before you waste your time calling other people; save your time and energy and go with the pro ~ go with Tomas!!! I feel like I did win in Vegas that day and you will too!!!

A.T.E  Redlands, CA

I was so lucky to find this shop, I stumbled across his shop when browsing DIY videos on you tube. I had been having trouble with my instrument cluster on my 2003 BMW X5, I was actually trying to figure out how to take it out myself.  Saw that they were located locally and gave him a call. Tomas quoted me a price and I immediately made an appointment. Tomas rebuilt the whole thing in about one hour. Great customer service. More than fair price. Tomas was very friendly and helpful. He repaired the instrument cluster on my 2003 X5 and it works perfectly.  Words cannot express the complete satisfaction I had with his professionalism, knowledge, and efficeincy. Muchas Gracias Tomas.

Enrique M.  Temecula, CA 

This was my first time doing anything to my car myself, and they made it so easy! Every time I called , someone answered and was able to walk me through the process. I ordered the wrong part and he overnighted the correct one to me, no charge! This is the place to go for Bmw parts and advice! Their service made me a loyal customer.

Abbey Dr.  Long Beach, CA 

They fixed a botched attempt at a self-repair on the lcd readout on the instrument cluster on my X5. They even fixed the calibration and the knobs that I screwed up at no extra cost. Saved me a ton of money on buying a new cluster and having it reprogrammed at the dealer. Well done.

Isaac N.  Salem, OR 

Spoke with Tomas describing my issue for my e39 2001 540i Manual and he knew exactly what was wrong with it, took me 10min to replace a ECU 30amp fuse and my car started right up! So much weight is off of my shoulders and I am so grateful for their help!! Definitely recommend Bavtek, they saved me so much time and money, they are great!! 🙂

Addison H.  Clarksburg, WV 

The 3-series BMW radio knob repair is a typical problem with the use of some cheap plastic parts on an otherwise terrific car (think of the bad sunroof design or the terrible plastic rear light modules!). The radio should be an issue for recall, but never will be. Dealers want you to replace the radio for want of a tiny plastic replacement part (at $500-700). Tomas provides the part with DIY instructions on Youtube, or offers the repairs with quick turn around. I had tried to repair the part myself with a very unsatisfactory glue solution. The replacement part is the right way to fix it. I opted for the complete service. The quick service, combined with a fair price, was excellent. We talked on the phone and then texted about the problems (I created some trouble with my glue mess and needed to replace some little bits), and I have my radio back like new. Fantastic service!

Mel C.  Mount Kisco, NY 

I had a great experience getting my BMW’s radio repaired here.  The dealership wanted $175 to just look at the radio, and said it would probably cost me about $700 when all said and done.   Took it here, and got my radio fixed within 30 minutes, for $150.  Tomas, the owner, was great to deal with, very professional, and easy to get in touch with.  Highly recommended!

Dale S.  Los Angeles, CA 

I was very apprehensive about the purchase due to the options that my BMW came with. I did not no the first thing about what type or what month it was built in 03, the months of production depends on what electrical options it comes with, this will differ from month to month drastically. They took the time to tell me where to get the info via txt, and at times phone call. I work overnight an I txt them at 1am and they answered with in 10mins. Their support team is amazing. They where the cheapest and the product works amazing. 

Henry H.H.  Dallas, TX

Great business that still believes in great customer service. I purchased a mirror for my 330xi and it was shipped same day! Received the mirror and had an issue with the auto-dim feature. Emailed Tomas and he called me the next day to discuss the issue. He was then happy to offer a replacement and shipped it again that same day and the second mirror worked like a charm. Overall a very pleasurable experience and will now only buy parts for my car from Tomas and German Auto Recycling.

Jack A,  Mobile, AL

A+ . Thanks to Tomas for his Excellent Service and i will use his service again. Thanks Guys!

Fred G.   Irvine, CA

We could not be more pleased with Tomas’ service, responsiveness, and professionalism in replacing my MID unit…BMW X5 3.0i, 2003 vintage.  I called Tomas off the internet, discussed my pixel (or lack thereof) issue, drove to his location in Riverside the following day and he repaired my unit  WHILE we waited at a savings of over $800.00 over buying a new unit from the dealership….with a lifetime warranty while I own the vehicle…….Based on MY experience  you can’t go wrong with Tomas….

Don K.  Manhattan Beach, CA 

Ordered a part for my 2001 BMW 740i on 11/09/2011.  Received it on 11/12/2011.  Great Service! 

-Connie S.  Tallahassee, FL

Excellent service will use again Thanks Tomas

Brian A.  San Diego, CA

Tomas is hella good guy. Honest, friendly and an helpful guy. I purchased e46 sport seats from him. He not just gave me a great deal but also went ahead and helped me install them on my car. he’s got tons of stuff for other bimmers too. he will surely give you a good deal – i am pretty sure. Definitely recommended. way to go T!

– Syed A.  Culver City, CA

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